Why Have a Staff Handbook?

Do I need a staff handbook?

There are many reasons why even the smallest business should consider having a staff handbook, including:

  1. The handbook is a quick and efficient way of introducing new employees to the culture, mission and values of a business. This is important because a workforce that understands a business’s drivers and is aligned with them is more likely to work to help that business succeed.
  2. A handbook provides the workforce with easy access to important information about certain rights, as well as important workplace processes and procedures, such as:
    a) eligibility for maternity pay and leave;
    b) how to request time off; and
    c) who to approach when they need to discuss a problem at work.
  3. The policies, rules and procedures contained within the handbook are there to manage behaviour and ensure consistency in the way situations are dealt with in the workplace. This is very important in defending any claim for unfair dismissal or unequal treatment.






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