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EPR Law was founded in 2020 to provide entrepreneurial businesses and business leaders with specialist employment law advice within a commercial context. We invest time and resources in developing a deep understanding of our clients’ commercial priorities, ensuring that our legal advice is tailored and relevant to our clients’ needs.


We work with entrepreneurial clients of all sizes and in different sectors from the UK’s largest digital bank, international private equity and investment firms and other world leading specialists in fields as diverse as financial services to art and cultural digital image distribution. We also work with fast growth Biotech and healthcare companies, innovative brands in the food and beverage industry and have particular expertise in the hospitality sector. The common denominator is that these businesses were all founded by courageous and inspirational individuals, who have developed a meritocratic culture of excellence in support of their vision. However, the path to success is not linear and so we see our role working in tandem with you to facilitate your growth and to guide you through periods of refocus and even existential threats. We recognise our services are only useful to our clients when and where we can add value to your business and at the right time.



The world of work is in a constant state of evolution and is currently undergoing seismic changes in terms of flexibility and adaptability having precedence over structured environments and standardised roles. It is therefore imperative that your contracts, policies and procedures keep pace with your business and culture. It is also true that your team remains your principal asset for building and sustaining a culture of excellence and for delivering the business’s vision. There are, however, frequent times when the two may not be aligned, less commonly come into conflict and in extreme cases actively pose a threat to your business. The ability to get your business “in sync”, address conflict constructively (it is not always bad) and to protect your business remain key areas we can advise you on.



Values, principles and standards drive all successful businesses. Fairness and respect for the individual remains the cornerstone of employment law, from the historical wage work bargain that still underpins the contract of employment, to statutory rights not to be unfairly dismissed to extensive and evolving anti-discrimination legislation. However, respect must go beyond the floor of legal rights and the moving ceiling of best practice to be embedded with the particular requirements of your business. No business is in the fortunate position to avoid tough decisions from time to time, but how you handle and communicate those decisions can make a huge difference.


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