Is a handbook a legal requirement?

Is a staff handbook a legal requirement?

No, employers are not required by law to have a staff handbook but there are certain policies that an employer is required to put in writing and make these accessible to employees these are:

  • health and safety policy ( if you have 5 or more employees);
  • disciplinary and grievance rules;
  • holiday pay and sickness/absence pay;
  • details of any paid leave, including statutory entitlements such as maternity pay.

Although an equal opportunities statement is not required we advise clients to have one. Please cross-refer to the equal opportunities policy here

As such many employer’s find it advantageous to have a staff handbook which allows them to include these policies and to supplement key terms in the employment contract with policies relating to:

  • Absence reporting;
  • Family-friendly rights; and
  • Information outlining any hybrid working arrangements, dress code and anti-bullying procedures etc.
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