Contracts of Employment from £350 plus VAT

Professionally drafted by employment law specialists to meet the needs of your business.

Fixed Fee Contracts of Employment

We advise on all types of contract of employment, worker and consultancy agreements

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How Much Does it Cost

Our fixed fee prices start at £350 plus VAT. However, prices will vary depending on the kind of contract of employment you need.

Our fixed fee includes:

  • An initial consultation to enable us to determine what your needs are
  • A first draft of the contract
  • A second consultation to review the first draft
  • Preparing the final draft of the contract

Bespoke or Template

In our opinion a contract of employment should always be bespoke.

A bespoke contract will include terms and conditions that are specific to your employee and relevant to the needs of your business.

A template contract of employment is made up of generic, catch-all terms and conditions, none of which are specific to your circumstances. None of this matters until a dispute arises. If, at that point, you discover you cannot enforce the protection you thought you had, it will be too late


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EPR Law is a trusted advisor to companies, LLPs and partnerships at all stages of their development.  We have a thorough knowledge and understanding of how quickly workplace issues arise and if left unaddressed, they develop into disputes. We can anticipate what the other side is thinking and consequently we explain the strategic options available to you so you can plan accordingly.

Fixed Fee Contracts of Employment

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